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Talking Heads
Posted 9 hours ago
Anonymous: Do you really talk like Liam Gallagher?

No, not really.
But then again, if you’re not from UK - or even Manchester for that matter - then maybe it could just all sound the same to you.

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Anonymous: What do you sound like? Like do you have an accent?

Gallagher is my accent

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"Stutter" by Yuck
2,909 plays
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matthewedwards: Matthew!

Mild Confusion - Tamaryn
America’s Boy - Broadcast
Triumph - Wu Lyf
The Twilight Hour - Still Corners
Honey - Marine Girls
Etheriel - Lush
Wilted - Rat Columns

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thedeathofpatience: Jack!

Joy - Circulatory System
Auto rock - Mogwai
Cover the windows and walls - grouper
Karl Blau - Microphones

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420boner: Andrew, thanks : - )

Action vs. Vibe - Polvo
Not A friend - Sebadoh
Dan and tim, reunited by fate - Have A nice life
Rafael - Seam
Expressway to yr skull - Sonic Youth
Washed Up - Codeine

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Kira Roessler of Black Flag
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Todd WebbGeorgia O’Keeffe and Easborn Smith in twlight canyon. Lake Powell, 1974.
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crazyridesrockets: conr (my preferred spelling)

Cross- cool cough
Odessa - caribou
Nowhere (beth) - vocabulary
Remember our days - lotus plaza

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thebookaboutmyidleplot: Bryan [playlist please :)]

Blown A Wish - MBV
Run - Spiritualized
Your Town - Ringp Deathstarr
Adhesive - Bardo Pond
Never Came Close - Belong